What are examples or tagalog declamations?

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I am searching for the details of what are examples or Tagalog declamations? Is there anyone who can help me regarding my query by providing me sufficient details?

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  1. Angelina

     Tagalog declamations are as follows:
    Love of country
    Andres Bonifacio

    Which still love the more so
    the purity and nobility
    As love to own land?
    Which love? None of that, nothing.
    Is the desire Pagpupuring
    Of a man with honor guard,
    Sing, recite poems, kumata't and write,
    Largely glory.
    No important not offered
    Whose heart loved Beloved lodged,
    blood, wealth, knowledge, katiisa't fatigue,
    Even life-abuting magkalagut disconnected.
    Why? Which it perfect size,
    That hinahandugan of irreverent inspiration,
    That very costly ruling,
    And ginugulan harbor life?
    Ay! It is the mother homeland:
    He is the only mother and wherein we were born
    An interesting brightness of the sun
    That gave heat throughout the body.
    Also included the expense of love of country,
    All the gunita'y more expensive,
    From infancy masaya'y gasong
    Until for body placed upon the grave.
    How unfortunate to be separated in town!
    But always laden memories of sorrow,
    No prospect alaala't inaasa
    But see Want birthplace.
    With ten death magdusa'y
    Apparently good for the people if
    And more difficult. Oh, miraculous thing!
    Especially dear to sacrifice more for him.
    If this country is masasa-risk
    And he should be defending,
    The child, spouse, parent, sibling;
    A call him tatalidang strained.
    Forward then, Forward, ye nagabuhay
    In the hope that quite a relief
    Nothing but bitterness and acquired,
    Forward na't raise the oppressed people!
    You lost the fruit and flowers
    Of kaho'y nilanta't life size,
    Balaki't thick bullet-hard,
    COUNTRY manariaw't to re lumiyag.
    Ipahandug-offering the irreverent love
    And until there is blood ubusing itigis;
    If the defense, life is loosed,
    This is true glory and fortune!

  2. Guest10554470
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