Duties and responsibilities of service crew in McDonald

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I have my question regarding my all time favourite and world famous food spot, McDonald. I love to go there along with my friends and at the weekends with my family. For some reasons I am not quite content with the attitude of the crew members at McDonald. For this reason I would like to know that what are the duties and responsibilities of the crew members at McDonald?

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  1. Guest27645915

    what are the duties and responsibilities of a service crew in jollibee

  2. Guest25017357

    kindly numerize in full details the duties and responsibities of a service crew in  restaurant or fast food chain.

  3. Harry

     Generally speaking the duties are to serve the customer in an efficient, timely, and polite manner. McDonalds’ crew works to uphold the aims and brand of the company. The crew can be divided into back, grill, kitchen, Front counter and Drive way. Kitchen Crew uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and work to provide the finest quality food to customers in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, at least they should. Counter Crew work to serve the customer, by being friendly and efficient in offering a pleasant experience to them. Other crew members are employed for tasks such as maintenance, who work consistently to make the restaurant sparkle both out in the dining room and behind the scenes where the food is prepared. Besides, Managers get this position by being long term staff at a restaurant with a degree in business. Managers usually develop from Crew who become crew trainers who become assistant managers who then become managers. Expecting too much of service staff is unfortunately a common problem in customers. It is somehow possible that a customer is not always right.

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    what are the duties and responsibilities of a server Crew in Jollibee

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