What are Basic Time Management Strategies ?

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What are Basic Time Management Strategies ?

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  1. Guest12552
    1. Habit of Thinking Ahead 2. Master of Choice 3. Other People Time 4. Learn from Others’ Success Strategies 5. Punctuality 6. Pay Yourself First

  2. Edward
    Here are some tips which might help in day to day Time Management.... 1. Don’t wait until things become urgent 2. Make a to do list Humans forget. Some of them quite a lot. Are they to blame for that? No way! Try this for 20 days: every morning, try to sit and think your day ahead. Write down the things you wish/need/think to do that day. Your brain will kiss you for that. 3. When things tend to get out of control, don’t blame anybody (including yourself), but look for solutions 4. Know when to quit Don’t continue doing something just because you started. Life is not a competition. If you don’t find a reason anymore, just quit and start something new 5. If you delegate things, assume the outcome may not be what you imagined There aren’t two identical people in the world. Then, why would you pretend that somebody thinks and acts exactly your way? 6. “No” is also an answer Please take a moment and do this test with a friend: in the middle of the conversation, pretend to drop something on the floor. Watch your friend’s reaction. I believe it is somehow in the human nature to help others. Was your friend trying to take that item from the floor and give it back to you? It is nice to help the others, but if 100 people just drop an item on the floor in the same time, I could possibly pick up only one or two. The other 98 or 99 people will have to understand that “no” is also an answer, and this does not make me mean. It’s just my resources are limited. Learn how to say no, and you’ll better manage your time. 7. Take 30 minutes of day dreaming every day This is good for motivation. If it is true that motivated people work faster, then re-gaining your motivation from time to time may make you a more efficient person.

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