What Philippine laws are enacted to prevent software p****y?

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What Philippine laws are enacted to prevent software p****y?

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  1. Guest28425937

     odo mana igwa akung assignment sinayang ko lang ang oras



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     Umm gr8 din ako sabihin din ninyo ang answers



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  4. Guest27826864

     kailangan ko para sa assignment ko 6 pupil ako


  5. Guest27753923
    • ang sagot mo hindi naman nakakatawa
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  7. Guest24279489

    ano ba yan?

    wala naman yang gamit!

    sana hindi na lang gi-post.

  8. Guest23891343

    ANSWER PLZ.. i need it.! for the project

  9. Guest22845108

    answeran niyo nman ng maayos


  10. Guest21252059
    not sending any computer viruses
  11. Guest21236777
    w4+ 3v3r...... jejejejeje
  12. Guest20164420
    what is the answer? I need na noW..~!
  13. Guest20107748
    pagsore mo oI!!!
  14. Guest20054388
    unsa pud mo oi ga salig sa INTERNET!!
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    over over ogobs ay!ambot xa imong kibot...
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    bOoOoot lAng !!!!!!!!!! heheheh^_^
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    unsay labot!
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    suma sa imung agtang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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