What Changes do I need to report to the UK government?

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I am a UK citizen and receiving the government benefits since some time now. My working conditions have changed and I would like o know under which conditions am I supposed to contact directgov

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  1. Danial

    You are required to report all type of changes in your circumstances that may directly or indirectly affect your benefit. Failing to do so may result as benefit fraud which could lead to a prosecution with a possible imprisonment for some time. It is very important to understand the nature of changes in order to better report them. There are some changes that increase your benefit, while others decrease the same. For instance, you are a single parent entitled to specific amount as housing benefit and now you are trying to search some job. In this case you may get the jobseekers’ allowances as well. In other case, for instance, you got a pay raise and your benefit might decline.

    Also note down that sometimes your benefits may change while your circumstances remain the same. Let’s say, the government increases the benefit payments to cope up with the inflation. In this case you will be told by the authorities!

  2. UK Guide
    The changes you need to report include; getting married, entering into a civil partnership or moving in with a partner, moving a house, getting a new job, getting a pay rise, inheriting or unexpectedly coming into money, taking in a lodger, no longer being sick or ill, travelling or moving abroad

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