About the actress Natalie Portman.

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I have heard about the actress Natalie Portman. I want to know about her lifestyle and career. When she started her career. Can you tell me about her career?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Complete name of actor Natalie Portman is Rachel Mary Berkeley Portman, he was born on 11th December 1960. He was a British composer and was also best known for her film work. She was a famous female composer as she won the Academy Award in the category of Best Original Score for the movie named Emma in the year 1996. There are some female songwriters like Barbra Streisand who won the award in the year 1977, while Buffy, Sainte Marie won the award in the year 1983. Carly Simon won the award in the year 1989. They all have won the Oscars in the category of Best Original Song.
    Portman was born on 11th December in Haslemere, in England. She is the daughter of Penelope Mowat and Berkeley Charles Portman. She got her education from Charterhouse School and Worcester College, Oxford.
    Portman was also nominated for Academy Award for her scores “The Cider House Rules” in the year 1999 and Chocolat in the year 2000. She has composed the scores for many other feature films, as well as unused score for the film called Dangerous Beauty. She composed the score for all the thirteen episodes of Jim Hensen movie “The Storyteller” , also for the two episodes of The Jim Hensen Hour named “Monster Maker” and “Living with Dinosaurs”.

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