What is the ideal weight for ballet?

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I am 13, height is 5feet and 3 inches and weight 113 pounds. In my ballet class all the other girls are thinner than me. Can someone tell about the ideal weight for ballet? I do not know what to do. Please help!

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  1. Judi

     While there is no one lone, perfect heaviness for choreography, there is a perfect body type: lean. The soil of choreography has initiated a stereotype that is aesthetically slim, which rarely becomes misread and develops into crave in the direction of be too thin. The conclusion is a soil inside which many dancers spend most of their desire underweight and unhealthy. Many dancers consistently weigh much less than what is believed wholesome for their size, and inside each ballet dancer's quest in the direction of be slim reaches the labours of consuming disorders and malnourishment, which can order in the direction of impoverished promenading, sickness and even death.
    No one ever sees their energy, merely their weaknesses and always dancers thirst to look like a legendary person else. So you have to begin via identifying that you don't glance yourself the way you currently are. 113 pounds at 5'3" in 13 years is very slender already; in attachment to you are motionless growing. At your age your skeletal elements and everything else need contribute to be healthy. Everyone is worried approximate senior women fetching osteoporosis, but in fact at your age is as shortly as bone quality is made. You must be very cautious to take good care of your body. DO NOT SKIP MEALS. Eat protein at every meal, no junk food, lots of fruit and vegetables and lots and lots of water.

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