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Weather is a highly dynamic uncontrollable environmental factor. It is inevitably important in our daily life and we cannot neglect the way it affects the activities of each individual. Few people are obviously more influenced by weather changes than others. Mostly, metrological departments, TV channels, agriculture experts, airport authorities and aerospace centers were considered to be directly reliant over weather forecasts and news. Random climatic changes and weather updates, uneven fluctuations and patterns of weather conditions these days are common observations. Therefore, weather is a matter of concern not only for a person seeking a career in metrology or related domains but for everyone around the world.

Orientation towards finding and discussing weather updates, news, forecasts and predictions has increased for disaster planning on personal, organizational, national and international level. It is also essential for rehabilitation strategies utilized to neutralize the effects of floods, tsunami’s, hurricanes, draughts and earthquakes. All sort of questions and answers on Weather are visible on this site which are asked by users and answered by experts. A Weather query can be put-up to an expert, if you post a question which is quickly responded in the form of an instant answer most of the time.

Weather Experts, Meteorologists and Accuweather Guides, are welcomed to essentially utilize this portal to respond to user queries in the unanswered question section. Here you can find the questions and easily give best answers as per your knowledge to facilitate those asking for weather help. This help can significantly improve awareness on weather for all sorts of users as well as for experts.

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