Watermelon, Ginger and Mint Punch Recipe

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How to make Watermelon, Ginger and Mint Punch quickly in no time. Find complete process, exact ingredients and the right recipe for making Watermelon, Ginger and Mint Punch.

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    Watermelon, Ginger and Mint Punch, in all its gleaming goodness, is the ultimate drink for summer. It is better to serve this modern and refreshing drink cold. Watermelon, Ginger and Mint Punch is very quick, easy, and inexpensive to make. This drink will surely hit the spot whether it is served at any occasion in summer. This punch is a great combination of watermelon, ginger, and mint. Watermelon is the best possible source to quench your thirst on a hot summer day and to mix it with other cool ingredients like ginger and mint is even better idea. Ingredients (serves 10 people) (2kg) seedless watermelon, properly chopped and with the rind removed (1/3 cup / 70g) caster sugar (1/2 cup / 125ml) fresh lemon juice (3 cups / 70g) chilled ginger ale (11/2 cups / 375ml) chilled vodka (3 cups / 750ml) chilled sparkling wine (8 sprigs) fresh mint

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