Was 'paranormal activity' real ? Is Micah dead ?

by Guest11956389  |  8 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Was 'paranormal activity' real ? Is Micah dead ?

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  4. Guest22537556

    i dont know if this movie is real... i dont think so... i have had some problems in my house... i swear i see people in the shadow inside my room.. sometimes listen strange noises, and so my mother and all the family... we pray so Jesus can protect us from evil things... it is strange... about this video i just dont believe it 100 % because Steven Spilberg has contributed a little bit lol

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  6. Guest16346444
    NOT REAL !!! I wanted to believe it was based off a true story..but as you read from the directors own words here at the link Ive provided you see it was based on his fear of ghost. The auditions were on craigs list and they were paid, the actors star as themselves and are oviously not missing or dead since they have been on a late show since. The movie is dedicated to them at the end which makes you believe these events were real and they are dead and or missed and possibly reinacted by actors, also not true. As you will read the director used his own house and chose a haunting in the night while they were asleep because it was more scary. He chose the camcorder theme because it didnt require a huge cam crew and had a realistic feel. I do believe in ghost, demons..I dont know. but as for this movie-not even based off a true story with tweaking.
  7. Guest15684343
    It is not real there are 3 alternate endings, there is a post-production interview with the actors posted above by Guest12344221. just because there are movies based on true stories it does not make the existence of ghost's factual or at all plausable . Until there is scientific proof of ghost's that has hard evidence i am going to be a non believer. And people who claim to have seen things do not prove anything because we are closer to experiencing immortality than we are to completely understanding the human mind and what it is capable of creating. I know on plenty of "trips" i have been on my mind is capable of creating images that don't exist and thats just by introducing a chemical.
  8. Guest15245018
    Who the h**l knows if it is real or fake but most of you that have opinions obviously were curious enough to watch and give a comment. If you have a blah opinion than fine but fake or not those people made money off of you so suck that b*****s!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Guest14609897
    probably not at all i say the hold thing in movie the last port katie kills micah down stairs and like later on she walks some how she makes lound
  10. Guest14600404
    The film is NOT real as a disclaimer at the end of the film clearly says "all actors/events are fictitious". However, I am not sure what has happened to the actors, whether they are alive or not as there are many internet rumours stating that the actors who played Micah & Katie have gone missing. Whether this is true or not, I have no idea.
  11. Guest14060639
    for all those people who say it wasnt real because the micah and katie in the movie are actors, this is bullshit. seriously, there are heaps of true stories where people have actually died or been killed (yes, people do that D=) and have been made into movies "BASED on a true story". the whole point of this movie was to scare people into thinking it was real footage that wasnt set up. just because it WAS set up doesnt mean it NEVER HAPPENED. so just saying "theyre actors," or "it was set up" does not prove its not real. anyways, if they had caught evidence of a death on tape, would it really be released in a film? i doubt as much. i dont actually know whether or not its real, and im actually trying to find out myself, but im sick of people thinking they have an excuse for it being fake when its plausible for it to be real! so saying, oh its a movie entirely fake, is a bullshit answer you idiot, cause there are HUNDREDS of movies that have been remakes of real life events, even if it was tweaked a bit.
  12. Guest13781339
    yes it was i was the doctor for the real thing he is actually dead i am still following katie as we speak and she talks to me of what happened that terrible night and she is still alive she says its the spirit possessing her it moves her every hour of the day she whispers to me every night.
  13. Guest12344221 this should help ya :=P
  14. Guest12254062
    it's so real that your mother got raped by the entity.
  15. Guest12236818
    He's with the actors from the Blair Witch Project..
  16. Guest12004587
    no its a mocumentary

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