Was agent orange used in germany in the mid 60's?

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from 1965 until 1967 was agent orange used in nelligan germany?

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  1. Guest28147364

    i was stationed at sembach ab germany in 1967 with the 603rd matron the early summer of 67 the vehicle maintence shop recieved 4 55 gal drums of A.O. instead of parts cleaning solvent.we used it for parts cleaner,to clean the shop floor and other things. it melted the painted shop lines,we also used it for drain opener. then the nco in charge, knowing it was a defoilent had me go around the base spraying standing water pools. i was drenched in this stuff for 3 consecutive mornings.a couple weeks after that i recieved an art. 15 because my fatigues turned gray and full of little holes.also my boots fell apart.prior to that i had recieved my uniform allowance and i did purchase 2 sets of fatigues and new commander, capt. james free, basically told me i was lying, that my clothing was too worn out to have been purchased recently. i have been trying to get the A.O. screening from the v.a. for a long time, but because v.a. say A.O. was never in EUROPE they would'nt test me unless i have proof.well i found online today that an airman, at sembach in 1975 was contaminated by A.O. while disposing leaky drums and containers. he finally won his claim. COULD THIS BE THE PROOF I NEED?                              RALPH FOX     e mail

  2. Guest27966354

    I was in Germany from 1978 to 1981 and I have been told that Agent Orange was used to kill weeds and at some of our training places that we used. If anyone has information on this, please email me at because I get this rash that comes and goes and when I have talk to some of my friends at our VA clnic about this rash they tell me that it sure sounds like you have some type of Agent Ornage some how and these guys where in Vietnam.  Thank You. Manuel Delgdo

  3. Guest25005472

    i was stationed in frankfurt, from 1972 - 1977 and was a sergeant in the motor pool..we  worked on trucks that were repaired in roedelheim germany that came back from vietnam and some had an odor that would not go away..i have health issues, that are similar and some are identical to agent orange...we went to camp for training at least every 3 months and stayed for 5-10 days..i always got sick right after it...

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  5. Guest24928010

    No but it had been used a lot at a littlefort south offort ord Har har har

  6. Guest24925542

    Yes , but is it possible that Agent Orange was stored on american bases grafenwhoer/ reforger ( remember our camp names are not necessarily a towns or bases name it could be an base inside a base.) for transport  to Vietnam and that there was clean up done after vietnam  in the 1970's It is my understanding that One Major manufacuturer of AO was in Germany. No offense to the german people  but is it poossible. I have a friend who in germany moving  leaking barrrels of AO in 1974 off trucks into underground bunkers. We also are looking for concrete proof.

  7. Guest22599068
    Hello from Nellingen in Germany / Guten Tag My name is Billy from Nellingen in Germany. I'm an amateur Historian to our former U.S. Military Installation Nellingen Barracks. Therefor I am constantly seeking for former Soldiers that served in Nellingen. If you were a U.S. Soldier stationed in Nellingen Barracks and you have Photographs and Memories of the Kaserne, welcome to write me. My email address is My Website URL is From 1976 to 1992 I was employed at Nellingen Barracks as a Craftsman. Our R&U Shop of the Facility Engineer was opposite the German Canteen ( Service Center ) Many Greetings from Nellingen and hope to hear from you. Sincerely Billy
  8. Guest22419892

    I was stationed at Nelligan, Germany from early 1976 to June 1978.  Hard to believe that agent orange would have been used there. I have had no heath related issues due to my stay there.

  9. Guest22367457

    i need concrete proof that agent orange was used in germany during the late 60s and 70s.

    trying to determine if a benifit claim is valid

  10. Guest19597872
    I was in Bamberg Germany in 1971-72. They used weed killer to clear around the parimeter fench. The rabbits around there got a disease that caused there eyes to swell shut. I now have maney health problems as Vietnam Vrts have. I am the only one in my family of 9 to have this problem. You tell me.
  11. Guest18176174
    Nelligan Bks was the home of the VII corps LRRP.Co.ABN. This was one of the first Lrrp co. in the Army. the Lrrp co co. is known as a stay be hind unit. when the unit was to be deployed in the field it was a one way trip. There was no way to recover a team that would be stranded 300 mi. behind enemy lines. A small known fact is , the teams were capable to deliver T-4 atomic munitions. to find out more . go to LRRP. home page and hang on . Nelligan was a hidden air base during WW-II. the airfield was covered with movable houses that would move to uncover the field. the Planes were hidden under ground. Also was the home of one of the first wind tunnels. Also was charged with building the first tale dragging parachute for air planes. I have Pictures but don't know how to post them Patty Mc'Nasty Smith Vii LRRP. 62/64
  12. Guest2011
    Torsten : He's referring to Nelligan Barracks, close to Stuttgart...

    but i've never heard about A. Orange in germany either

    EDIT : Hm, that's strange.Only very few websites mention that place.Anyone got any clue just what that place is?

    EDIT : found it!Its Nellingen...can't blame non-germans for misspelling that though.
  13. Guest9628
    Agent Orange never had been used in Germany, but in Vietnam in the 1960s and 70s (by the US military during the Vietnam War)...but, not in Germany. And, in Germany, there is no town with that name, neither.

    Greetings from Germany...
  14. Guest8861
    No, but during the World Wars chemical agents were used in abttle such as mustard gas.
  15. Guest8931
    You must be a history major from a Southern College.

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