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Can you help me please? I have a question that involves going back into the mists of time. When I see a very old Warner Bros Movie here on TV, many have on them first national Picture but how come they all have first national Picture on them and not just the first one made?


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  1. John

    Almost all of the old pictures and some of the newer ones have a second production name on them.

    The studios that originally do not release movies for viewing on TV, they sell the rights to distribute, to other companies. Many of the original studios do not exist anymore, and the production company name is the name of the company that bought them. When the older studios that sold out did sell, the rights to old movies they made were sold along with the company, but the old graphics are on the movie, so they just add the new graphics to the old, and you get all those company names on the film.

    Quite often I see movies with new names, and I remember the original name of the movie.

    There was a movie that was, I think, made in the 30s. I saw it when I was 8 years old, in the 40s, but during WWII, we saw a lot of movies that were made before the way, because there were not too many movies made during the war. Most of the sectors were in the services.

    This movie starred Ronald Reagan, and Errol Flynn. It was They Died with Their Boots On, and it was about George Armstrong Custer, Jeb Stuart, and somebody else, during their time at West Point. Now it shows on TV, but it has a completely different name. A lot of them are re-titled.

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