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Rox: Rox are the money in moshi monsters. You need it to buy things and to change your color and more. To earn it you have to play the Daily Challenge and if you are a member you can get it by shaking the Rox trees.

Friends: To get friends you have to know a user name. To ask to be someones friend type there use name in the your friends tree. (See next paragraph). There tree will start to shake and that means they have a friend request. The owner name will then come up in a part in the friends tree. Click on Accept to say yes or click Deny to say no.

The friend tree: The friends tree is a thing in the game that stores all of your friends. Non members are a loud to have up to 500 friends.

Best friends: Best friends are purple and at the top of your friends tree. Non members can have up to 3 and members can have up to 11. (May change over time).

Shops: In the shops you can buy items. The items are changed every 15 minutes. You can buy clothes at the Monstro city market that is on Sludge Street.

More rooms and different style houses: To get new rooms and styles you have to be a member. Go to Oh la lane and there is a shop called "New House's". It costs over 1000 Rox to buy ANY THING there!!

Monstar: The monstar level is a thing that the higher you go on it the more visits you have had. you start of with level Z and you work your way up to level A.

Moshlings: Moshlings are pets. To get them you have to plant a certain 3 plants in your garden. When they are fully grown you might get a Moshling. Sometimes you have to have a certain color to get it.For example, IGGY, it needs 2 different colored plants to get him.

Rox plants: Rox plants are a type of plant that grows in you garden. When you plant a plant it might be a Rox plant. They are sometimes useful and sometimes not. You can get 1 to 100 Rox out of them.

Pin Board messages: To sent a pin board message you have to add the owner. You then go to there pin board and click "add message". You don't have to do this if the person has all ready sent you a message. If they have you click reply.

Profiles: Everyone has a profile. If you are logged on and you want to change it, click on it. It is on top of your monsters health.

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