Want to adopt a baby

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My husband and I are not able to have anymore kids. We have a 4 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. We would love one more baby. If you are able to help us please let me know. We live in AZ.

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  1. Underwood

    I am Ethel Underwood; I want to inform you single couples seeking help in Adopting a baby child not to only look around the united state because they are many family in southern part of Africa that have pregnancy and babies that has no help of having a good life due to the high level of poorest family therein, this lead to child to face bad experience of life due to their poor nature of life-ly hood. Example of this bad experience, is such as the child having Malaria which is number one of the diseases that kills millions of child in Southern Africa that I know of personally; couples seeking to adopt a child can help adopt in order to stop the death of many more to come, for couple that which to adopt child should call me, because I have a contact that located in Maputo Island where they are really lot of unborn and born children that lack a positive future please let stop racism and try to help adopt a black child: For more information call me at:I3347I83745.

  2. Guest21593734

    skid row in phoenix is a good place to get a baby from one of the crack head girls down there

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