Want old movie title.

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Hi there, I am looking for the title of an old movie of cops/crooks. B and W probably from the 40s that I saw in the 60s, Bad guy ends up at the end being chased across the tops of streetcars in a large streetcar barn; as he raises up to shoot at the cops he touches the overhead and fries himself. I cannot recall the title; but, I thought Wm. Powell was the good guy. I may be confusing one of his other good guy roles though. Can someone tell me the title of this movie? I would be really great full.

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    Hello there,

    An Internet colleague of mine has come up with the answer for you. It was a film called "TRAPPED" from 1949. Directed by Richard Fleischer, it starred Lloyd Bridges and Barbara Payton, was made in black & white and ran 78 minutes. It was what we used to refer to as a "B" movie,
    The plot of film tells the story of the U.S. Treasury Department who, with the assist of a counterfeiter, attempt to track down and cease of counterfeiting ring. The counterfeiter, Tris Stewart (Bridges) serving time in jail, is discharged beneath the accordance that he shall contribute in the capture of the phoney cash printers. Once out of prison Stewart rapidly meets upward with cigarette girl Meg Dixon (Barbara Payton).
    Like many semi-documentaries, the film commences with a voice through footage of the treasury department, telling the story what the department does. Then it speedily commences the story once a female tries to deposit a twenty-dollar bill at the bank that turns out to be phony.

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