Wal-Mart Road Hazard Warranty

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I need information concerning tire purchased at my local Wal-Mart. Recently I just bought 4 brand new Goodyear tires for a 1995 Toyota Camry - love the feel and ride, no complaints there. What I want to know that I have recently purchased road hazard on all 4 tires, which cost me approximately $50 - 500 miles later I hit an object on the interstate and pulled off in a pretty bad Dallas neighborhood. I need to sort it out quickly.

Awfully they refused to honor the warranty, saying fix a flat voids any warranty. You know I have tried hard to get some useful info. ANYTHING in writing that has this disclaimer. It specifically states free replacement of the non-repairable tires within the first 25% of tread wear even I have asked few of my friends, as no one was aware of this unwritten rule, as I am facing it now. Is this issue is related to all industry? I am a female, was traveling with my kids, what option did I have other than call a tow truck? (I could not remove the lug nuts from the tire to change it)I travel a lot for my job, and cannot have an unreliable tire so I must replace it.

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  1. John


    You know this is the only reason which triggers me not to buy stuff from Wal-Mart. Yes any chemicals will void the warranty. However I would have fixed or replace the tire. No reason why they would not have.

    Just tell me, have you talked to the manager?

    So when you are going to buy some road hazard, get what not is covered in writing.



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