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I am trying to get the name of a WWII Movie. It takes place in Europe in winter. I remember a scene with allied soldiers walking through the snow to get to a cabin that had supplies they needed. (Possibly enemy uniforms) When they are at the cabin I think they discover a traitor. They may ether escaped prisoners or been dropped in behind the lines for a mission. I think I saw this movie on TV in the 70s but not sure. I would love to see this film again. Can someone tell me the name of this movie? Thanks in advance for trying to help.

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    Hello there,

    this one is a bit difficult as there were many WW2 films that were set in a European winter. But I will make a guess at "The Heroes of Telemark" which came out in 1965.

    It starred Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris in a story concerning Norwegian resistance fighters who sabotage a plant in Telemark, Norway, which the n***s are using to produce heavy water to make a nuclear bomb. Snowy Norwegian locations serve as a backdrop for the plot. Kirk Douglas plays the role of a Norwegian physics professor who, though originally content to wait out the war, is soon pulled into the struggle.
    They are both smuggled to England to have microfilmed plans of the Hydro examined, and then return to Norway to plan a commando raid on the Hydro. When a force of Royal Engineers, who were to carry it out, are all killed, Petersen and Straud lead a small force of saboteurs into the plant. The raid is successful, but the Germans quickly repair the equipment.
    They then plan to ship tankers of heavy water to Germany. Petersen and Straud sabotage a ferry carrying the tankers, and it sinks in the deepest part of a fjord.

    Here are a couple of links:

    Hope that's the right one. Cheers.....Mel.

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