WWDC tickets in 2014 will set another record

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With three months to go before tickets for WWDC 2014 go on sale there is a general consensus that another record will be set, meaning that tickets will sell even faster then they did last year. However, the success and popularity of the event is also a bad thing because those who attend the show are worried in how they go about getting a ticket.

WWDC 2014 tickets to set another record

Looking at past events tickets sold out in less than a month in 2009, but 2010 was a different story because tickets sold out in only 8 days. However, 2012 and 2013 were a different ball game because tickets sold out in 8 minutes and 2 minutes respectively.

With this in mind there is no reason why WWDC 2014 ticket sales will be even more popular, and so could sell out even faster, making it a real issue for those who don’t manage to get a ticket.

There has been a debate since the last WWDC event that looked at how the tickets should be sold, with some people suggesting the first come first serve system is still the fairest way. However, other people who have not been lucky at obtaining a ticket in the past would say a lottery system would be a better way to go.

How do you think WWDC 2014 tickets should be sold? For now we know that this years World Wide Developers Conference tickets will go on sale here in April.

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