Best films of Von Sternberg

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I want to know about the best films of Von Sternberg. Tell me what the best films of Von Sternberg are. Please help me out and tell me the names of the best films of this outstanding star. But unfortunately I cannot remember the famous films of this most outstanding star.


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  1. John


    I can only give you my personal opinion in answer to your question. Other people may have other ideas on what were and were not his best films. And I cannot criticize others point of view, as many of his diehard fans can rank his movies differently.

    So I will answer you as if you had never seen a Sternberg film before and were looking for a good place to start. My choices will, of course, have to take in his wonderful collaborations with Marlene Deitrich and Emil Jannings

    Underworld (1927)

    The Docks of New York (1928)

    The Last Command (1928)

    The Blue Angel (1930)

    Morocco (1930)

    Blonde Venus (1932)

    Shanghai Express (1932)

    The Scarlet Empress (1934)

    And, from a later era he did a tremendous job in the movie Jet Pilot (1957)

    My own favorite would have to be either Shanghai Express or The Scarlet Empress. Sternberg really knew how to make the most of Deitrich. As I said, these are just my personal choices. But I must say, these are best epic movies. You must watch these movies and share your ideas here.

    Hope that helps and thanks for sharing your ideas.


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