Volkswagen logo t-shirt price in Raleigh

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I have a question about the t-shirt with Volkswagen logo on it. Actually, I want to buy a Volkswagen logo t-shirt for my boyfriend. I would really appreciate if someone could please help and tell me the price of Volkswagen logo t-shirt here in Raleigh?

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  1. johnmatt

    I also don't know the excact price of this t shirt but i think the online shopping site will help you in this because they show their prices on their products so you can get this price from there.

  2. Harry

    When we talk about the t-shirts, the one with a Volkswagen logo on it is liked by most people around the world. Particularly the young men as well as the young women love putting on this t-shirt. If we look at the history, then the company originated back in 1930s, in Germany and the project was to build the car that would become known as the Volkswagen Beetle. The famous German leader, Hitler was of the view that almost anybody should be able to afford a car fitted with a proposal by car designer Ferdinand Porsche, although much of this design was inspired by the advanced Tatra cars of Hans Ledwinka. It can be seen quite clearly that the Volkswagen logo has a V over a W in a blue background, surrounded by a circle. If we talk about the origin, it is rather unexciting though as the logo was the result of an office competition to see come up with a logo. The winner of the competition won 50 Marks for his troubles and was an engineer named Franz Reimspiess, the same man who perfected the engine for the Beetle in the 1930's. The price of t-shirts with Volkswagen logo ranges from as low as $10.95 to the maximum of $42.95, depending upon the size and style.

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