Vodka Guava and Ginger Cocktail Recipe

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How to prepare Vodka Guava and Ginger Cocktail quickly at home. Find detailed recipe for Vodka Guava and Ginger Cocktail in easy steps.

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    Vodka, guava, and ginger cocktail is one of the very famous drinks in the world as it is very simple, easy to make cocktails that are unique and delicious. You can entertain your friends, family, and colleagues with Vodka, guava, and ginger cocktail, which is a crisp and exotic combination of flavours for a warm spring evening refresher. To make this exotic cocktail, always select fine quality vodka and fresh guava you either grew or purchased at your nearest store or farmer's market. Vodka is the main ingredient of this drink and its neutral taste goes well in many types of mixed drinks. In addition to that, it is frequently selected to mix with different types of fruits or fruit juices. Serving Size: 6 persons Ingredients: - (250ml) Fine quality chilled vodka - (1Litre) Fresh guava juice - (1Litre) Dry ginger ale - (1/4 cup) Fresh and whole mint leaves - (2 tablespoons) Fresh lime juice - Angostura bitters - Ice cubes for serving purpose

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