Visiting Costa Rica - Oso Peninsula.What hotel would you recommend?

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We are planning a trip to the Oso peninsula and we are interested in staying at Poor Mans Paradise.There will be nine of us and we are all adults. We are looking for an unbiased recommendation on where to stay.We dont care about luxury but we want to be safe and have a good time.We are interested in birding, snorkeling and horseback riding. Would you recommend Poor Man Paradise? If not, is there a hotel/lodge on the Oso that you would recommend?

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  1. Eabby

    Poor Man's Paradise is unique because it is actually owned by a Costa Rican family, so you get some of the culture. The rooms are simple--last time I was there they did not have amenities like reading lamps by the beds, but maybe that has improved. The other downside when I was there was a lot of European tourists smoking like crazy in the dining area.

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