Visby: Stealth Ship Of Swedish Seas

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Visby: Stealth Ship Of Swedish Seas

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  1. Red Brick
    Titanic sized warships are more than just difficult to hide and this is where the need for stealth arises. You don’t want your enemy to know you’re anywhere around until you’re almost right on top of him and he has nowhere to flee and no time to protect himself. The Swedish Visby-Class corvette claims to be the world’s first operational stealth ship. Definitely visible to the naked eye, the Imperial Star Destroyer sails the seas making almost no sound with its silent waterjets built by Rolls Royce subsidiary Kameva. Built from non-magnetic materials, the Imperial Star Destroyer is supposed to be undetectable electronically for 13.5 miles in calm seas and remains undetectable for 8 miles in rough seas. The corvettes were designed to patrol Sweden’s shallow coast and will begin to do so at the end of the year. The Swedish Visby corvettes can hit speeds of over 35 knots which would probably come in a lot of help when trying to get away from fanatics of destroyers attempting to get hot pics.

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