How I can inspect a Vintage drum?

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Hi, my hobby is to collect vintage items, now I am planning to purchase a Vintage drum, could you tell me the procedure of inspection of vintage drum, need answer, thanks.

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  1. kate

    It is a common observation that the interest of people has been increased tremendously in collecting the vintage items in the recent time. It is good that you are planning to buy a vintage drum, but on the same time it would be difficult to determine that the drum is a vintage or not. However with the passage of time so many techniques and processes have been developed that will surely help you a lot during your inspection. To start your inspection you need a proper light source, so that you can inspect all aspects of the drum easily. For inspection you need specific tool, so arrange your tool in a case in that manner that you can easily pick your desired tool. In order to make your inspection more organized take a pen and checklist. Start your checking from visual inspection as it will give you quick result in detecting the most obvious defects, on the same time it will safe your time too. Take one minute to scan the entire exterior surface of the drum, checking for missing or unoriginal parts, damage, defacement, or excessive wear and tear. If you find little interest after visual inspection then start acoustical inspection by losing the muffler of the drum. This inspection will enable you to find functional problems. If you want to obtain more detailed inspection then you can hire the services of any experienced and expert person.

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