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I recived a picture message on my phone, but i can't view it on my phone. I have verizon so i know i have to go to but when i get there it doesn't tell me what i have to do to view my message. My phone is an added line, not the primary line. How do i view my picture message? What steps do i have to do?

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    fr:jason thompson  subject:i love us


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    how do i view my at picture at 1252 312-0589
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    how do i view my at picture at 1252 312-0589
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    It's because your phone does not accept pictures. If you can not find any help online call Verizon and ask them to guide you though it.
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    If you type in the link that was sent with the picture message into the address bar, it should take you directly to the message online.

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