Vibration in steering wheel and seats at high speeds.

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I drive a 1998 GMC Jimmy 4x4. When I first purchased this truck a year ago used, I noticed that I had some vibration at high speeds - 60-80. I thought that the problem could be bad or unbalanced tires. Recently I decided to get new tires and see if that would solve the problem. No such luck. The dealer claims that the tires are balanced and I have taken it back several times. Also they claim that I do not have a bent rim. I have also had the CV joints replaced. The vibration is really starting to become a bother. Everything on the truck is stock, there has been no lift kit or any change to the leaf springs. Also rotating the tires does not seem to affect where the vibration is felt, it is pretty much felt throughout the truck, from the seats to the steering wheel, even my side mirrors shake. So if my pinion angle is off, what would be the fix for that? Can you suggest me something really good to apply in this situation? I would be great full for this favor.

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  1. Automobile Guru

    Hey there, I have had some additional time to think about this and have come up with a couple of other possibilities.

    First the pinion angle to be fixed, Adjust the pinion angle until it is in the proper range. But one another thing is that it might be is the driveshaft balance.

    Although this does not make sense since you feel the vibration in both the steering wheel and the seats is some other rotating component that is normally balanced and normally stays in balance, but has become out of balance, like a brake rotor. I really do not think this is it as you would feel this in one place and not the other. I hope this answer will help you. Best of luck


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