Varna Necropolis

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Varna Necropolis - This treasure I thought to be one of the more interesting treasures found and wanted to share. The site known as Varna Necropolis is a large burial site located in Bulgaria. It was accidentally discovered by excavator Raycho Marinov in October 1972.

After being discovered and more then 3000 golden objects had been removed from over 294 graves, experts claimed the gold dated back to 4200-4600 B.C and is the World's oldest gold. The gold is also said to be 23.5 carats but they can't say from were it came.

In one grave, over 38 golden objects had been removed and weighed just a little over 6 kilograms. Many of the artifacts found were produced by heating and hammering the metal, and even some newer evidence suggests some of the artifacts were molded using a lost wax technique. This find is as known to be the most ancient civilization in Europe

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