Movies of Van Johnson.

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I am looking for the title of a movie starring Van Johnson. It was filmed in the 40s I believe but it could have been early 50s. The story was about two young men who met on a country road, each going to join the Army to fight in the Civil War. However, one took the fork to the North and the other went South. It then jumps to after the War and the one (Van Johnson) went to see the family of the other (who had been killed in the war). I remember seeing this moving on late night TV but I can't remember the title and who the co-stars were. I was also wondering if it might be on video or DVD. Can you help?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Van Johnson was born on August 25,1916 and died in December 12,2008. He was an American film and television actor and dancer who was a star in the Metro Goldwyn Mayer studios and after World War 2. Johnson played many roles and performed in many movies. He also performed at the social clubs in the Newport when he was in high school. He later on moved to the New York city after graduating from the high school in the year 1935.
    Movies in which he performed were:
    Somewhere I will find you, The Human Comedy, Pilot no 5, Madame Curie, A Guy Named Joe, Two girls and a Sailor, The White Cliffs of Dover, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. Easy to Wed which was released in the year 1946, The Romance of Rosy Ridge by Henry Carson. For a specific type of movie you can search on the internet.

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