what is a Value scale?

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please tell me what is value scaleThanks,

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  1. kate

    A value scale is one of simple and useful drawing tool that helps users to see and draw different values by comparison. The value scale to the right has a sliding range of different values on one side of the tool and ten gradated sections on the other side. For instance, if you are creating a portrait that have blond hair from any distance away, place the value scale next to the hair, squint your eyes, and, check what part of the gray scale matches appropriately. Then match the value against the drawing. Take different readings as you need too. For example you could analyze to see what value the highlights, mid-values, and shadows of the hair are.
    If you are creating out a new brand of drawing paper, it is very helpful to draw a value scale on it using the type of hatching you want to use. You will find the beautiful texture effects of each value, and you will get a perfect idea of the values that you can make on the paper. For this you can draw five to ten one inch squares and after that leave the first leave the first square empty and the create the last square as dark as you can without squashing the grain of the paper. Colour the square using the softest pencil in the beginning and then go over that with the sharp tip of a harder pencil. The harder lead will perform like a stump and minimize the softer lead into the grain of the paper that it skipped over and make the value darker.

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