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  • hey guys im now 13 AND SAME EMAIL BUT DIFFERENT PHONE NUMBER, hi im looking for a boyfriend 7,8,9 or 10 no older than 10 ok to be my bf you have to live in bridgeport ct 06604 ok so we can meet at my house 533 gregoryst. if you wanna call me 2038701540 ask for ajahnae ok and then we talk and get to know each other beacuse i want my first kiss with who ever i find first email me the.coolbestfriends@gmail.com to tell me if you are my match then we will talk on the phone ok and then we meet a couple of days later ok once again 533 gregoryst. bridgeport ct thats my address and just to lets you know im black female so if you want me then you got to tell me email,phone,meet ok rember that pattern thats all once again i am 8 years old 2038701540
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