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Hey yall! No seriously. Hi! Nothing much to say about me just that I know about wichcraft and can tell you some stuff and crap like that. But any-who. What else you ask, Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I have two dogs named T.T. and Nuzz. There so cute! My favorite color is Blue, I have a crush on this guy named scott, ( wich sadly is in another state.) I'm 11, and I hate spinach. That's pretty much it. Oh and my mom apperintly thinks I have a BIG ego.
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  • and I know these arn't expertise but who cares?, Please talk to me!, Doesn't want a curfue but has one, Loves the sea, Has a real spell that works but don't ask what it is, Has a BIG attitude, Thinks mermaid are real so don't mess with her, Hates to be treted like an idiot, Trys to anwer any quistions, Dosn't need a diaper, Knows about witchcraft
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