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ME: -name: Angelina (Angie) Walts -im 13 , birthday: 16/8/1997 -blonde curly(frizzy) hair -blue/grey eyes (glasses) IN MY FREE TIME I LOVE TO: -play on computer -read -write stories -draw -playing my recorders & my oboe -create random stuff with bits of cardboard etc. MY FAVOURITE (and best) SUBJECTS ARE: -art -science -textiles -food tech -electronics -music WHAT MY FRIENDS SAY ABOUT ME: -fun loving and chatty -optimistic -dreamy -fashionista -a bit geeky -very creative but kinda crazy -AND A GREAT FRIEND!!! (ok i honestly didnt make them type that, but thanks guysxxx:D) so thanks for reading this ! luv ya gals/guys!!xx
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