Stacy Peak
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Stacy Peak
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I am a very honest,caring,loving, person. I love god and try to do the best I can to live the right way. I love helping people when I can. Love to go to church and love being around family and friends. I love doing things with the family like go to parks, and theme parks, or hang out at home and play games. Just love doing things with the family and friends. I really want to complete my family and find a baby I can adopt and love and make a permanent part of our family. I have pcos(polyscystic ovary syndrome and it keeps me from getting pregnant) . I want to be a mom so badly and my fiance a dad, We would make great parents and give the child so much love and what it needs to grow up to be a good adult. Hope someone will give us that chance. I prefer a newborn so I can start from the beginning but whatever god sends are way Is what is meant to be.
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