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Jessica tanner
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for who ever may see this i'm trying to get some stuff for my 13 n 14 year old girls for christmas i am having a really hard time its either bills/food or presents. just saying if there is anyone out there that maybe able to help write me at my email they don't want much and i don't want nothing so if interested please let me know. thanks a bunches.
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  • does anyone have kids things for like 13 n 14 girls?, im looking for some help for my 2 daughters i'm hoping there is someone out there that can help it can be used i don't care. anyway here goes one is sharonda d. tanner age 13 loves new moon, read, music, wants a small radio that she can listen to while going to sleep at night also she loves to primp her lol. her sizes for clothes are 10-12 pants 12-14 shoes size 8. and francheska m tanner age 14 loves to draw or anything dealing in drawing she loves art altogether. she wanted an easel for christmas but i see no way to get either for christmas its either bills or presents. so if anyone can help email me at ilove_ (altogether that is) and thanks bunches. also they have both wrote a few things down that they want i'll wait see if any one wants to help.
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