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Daniel Deluca
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I am a Ebay Silver Level Powerseller, with over 1,100 succesfull transactions, and over 750 positive feedback score, with 100% perfect overall percentage. I sell used OEM auto parts at excellent prices, all with free shipping, and exactly as described and pictured. I also sell used autos at excellent prices. Check out my auctions, my ebay user name is PartsWorldUSA. I have extensive expierence and knowledge, and might be able to help you with any problems or questions. I know various ways to make decent money when out of work, or just if you need to work from home but still pay your usual bills and rent. Ive been working for mysellf full time and make over $4000 a month, for almost 2 years now. I make more now then I made working for someone else installing fences and doing construction. I started with $20 and a computer. If you need help, email me.
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