Use TV as a Computer Monitor

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My computer monitor has been damaged last night; please tell me how To Use Your TV as a Computer Monitor?

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     "You can use next steps to Use Your television as a Computer Monitor:

    Identify your TV's input connections. Most TVs have three rudimentary kinds of inputs. You have your coaxial twisted cord input, the identical as your twisted cord carton or satellite, an RCA composite input (the yellow, red and white inputs) and an S-video connector. Newer televisions might have Component Video, DVI, VGA or HDMI inputs.

    · Identify your computer's outputs. Computer manufacturers are supplementing television matching yields on their goods so it's so straightforward to have a pc to television connection. The S-video in specific appears to be popping up on more and more computers, so a PC to television S video connector might be necessary. Mostly you will find the common VGA yield that the normal supervise snares up to.

    Find the befitting adapter for your connections. You may require to get a computer to television twisted cord so you can snare up your computer to the TV. If you have an HDTV, you may require a VGA to constituent cable. This VGA to constituent twisted cord connects your computer to a HDTV and actions as a converter.
    A PC to television connector has a VGA adapter on one end and (usually) a assortment of connector son the other (S-video, RCA composite and Component).

    · Connect your computer to your TV. If you have a television matching yield on your computer, for example an S-video jack, just take an S-video twisted cord and attach it to your computer and your TV. If you manage not, then you'll decisively require a VGA to S-video twisted cord or a VGA to constituent twisted cord -- adhere your VGA end of your adapter to your computer and use the RCA, S-video or Component Video twisted cord to adhere to your TV. After you've made all the attachments, confirm you are on the correct television video input. Press the input button on your television or isolated until you glimpse your computer's signal."

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