Urgently Required: Drilling and Building constructions tenders.

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Urgently Required: Drilling and Building constructions tenders.
As facilitators of businesses with operational base in Maputo, the capital city of the Republic of Mozambique, a country with vast business potentials. We are by name called (Jacky Business Consultancy) JBC.. We consult for government, top ranking federal and provincial government officials and a number of prominent businessmen in the organized private. We have successfully negotiated business transactions on behalf of government and a number of companies in the past. At the moment and with all sense of modesty, we remain the most relevant consultants in Mozambique.
Our job specification includes but is not restricted to sourcing for professional partners in relevant areas for classified government contracts from around the globe to be part of the rapid growth and development of Mozambique where crude oil has recently been discovered.
The Mozambican company Oilmoz hopes that it will have an oil refinery up and running in Maputo province by 2014. As at this time of communication, the company's plans for the refinery had been presented to and approved by the government of President Amando Guebusa. Oilmoz Chief Executive Officer Fausto Cruz puts the total cost of the refinery at eight billion US dollars with the provision for an upward review with due regards to economic inflation. The refinery would produce 350,000 barrels of fuel a day.
Minister of Mineral Resources confirmed that the country will start producing its own oil and will commence in 2014.Mozambique is issuing a $68-million oil exploration tender.
The contract would cover either the southern Inhambane province or the Rovuma Basin where there are favorable geological conditions for oil exploration. Companies from South Africa, Brazil, Canada or the United States are likely to win the tender in this sector but we, the consultants have the prerogative to recommend companies from other countries on condition that the contract awardees(s) would are prepared to invest soon after the contract has be awarded. In other projects, tenders are open to reliable companies with strong capital base.
In view of the above, the government through its Ministry of Mineral Resources has mandated us to source for contractors that are willing to meet with their terms for various projects. The terms will be made available in future corresponded. Having conducted extensive due diligence on numerous companies and individuals, we selected your company for onward presentation to the government and do sincerely believe that you have the integrity and wherewithal to execute projects in Mozambique.
We implore you to maximize this rare opportunity and contact us immediately stating your area of interest even if it is outside oil and gas, so that we employ our connections in and out of government to guide you through investments with a view to getting returns on investments within record time.
Projects' specific include but are not limited to the following areas:
a. Exploration
b. Drilling
c. Supplies
d. Support operations. etc.
a. Residential buildings
b. Industrial Estates
c. Office accommodations.
a. Hotels
b. Recreation centers
c. Beach Resorts .etc.
It is worthy of note that the government is more concerned about the development of the oil and gas sector which falls under classified projects and will appreciate serious tenders in that sector.
Comprehensive details of consultants and contracts which are already in our possession will be made available as soon we receive an indication of interest from you.
Prompt response will be immensely appreciated.

Yours Faithfully

Dir. Jacky Antonio
FOR: Business Facilitators
For more information deals contact us with the below contact deals…..

Contact Jacky Business Consultancy Admin Department email: ( or Fax: (+25882142680) Office Address: Head of Department Plot 190 Gray Ave, Jose Street Barbra (PMB) 1067’ Maputo, Mozambique.


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