Upsizing tires of Mazda Protégé.

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I have an 03 Mazda Protege5 with 195/50-16 tires. Is it possible to go with a wider size on the same rim, and if so, what would that size be?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    You can definitely use a wide tyre with your Mazda Portage. There are different sizes available that you can fit with your Mazda with the same specification. The best fit size according to the rim will be 205/55/16. Here you will get the advantage of the same rim size while the width of your tyre will increase. The more the width of the tyre, the road grip of your tyre will increase. Although this will effect in the acceleration and might be little heavy on the consumption but in the long run this size tyre will benefit you. The only thing you need to check here is a good brand which manufactures the tyre. Dunlop is one the oldest and best in the tyre business . It Lemans series will definitely provide you with the size you want.
    From the rim perspective you have enough width to go wider by a considerable margin, but what I don't know is if there is enough room in the fender well area. Unfortunately, no one I know catalogs this area of the vehicle. So your best bet is to find an online club or a web site devoted to your vehicle and see if someone else has already done this and what problem he may have run into.

    It has been my experience that going up one size is rarely a problem. Besides I don't think going up more than 2 sizes is advisable anyway.

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