What are the dates of Barry Manilow's 2011 Australian Tour

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I just heard that Barry Manilow shall be performing in Australia. I am a big fan of Barry Manilow’s music and songs. I would love to attend his concerts. I would like to know, the complete details of Barry Manilow’s Australian tours. In which Australian cities he shall be performing, along with the dates of his concerts.

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  1. Mitchel

     Barry Manilow’s Australian tour dates, for 2011 have been announcred, he shall be performing live on 7 April 2011 at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre QLD , his next perfotrmance is scheduled to take place on 9 April at the Acer Arena NSW , on 11 April he shall perform live at Rod Laver Arena VIC , on 13 April he shall enthrall his audience at thr Adelaide Entertainment Centre SA and his performance will be on 16 April at the Sandalford Estate - Swan Valley WA

    Dainty Consolidated Entertainment has confirmed and verified the news that one of the world’s most legendary singer, Barry Manilow, shall make a historic return to Australia in April 2011. This tour is terned as Manilow's first concert tour of Australia since 1996.
    Barry, has done all the preparations to enthrall the Australian audience, he will be presenting his best musical performance to each State, he will perform in the company of Australia’s own symphony orchestras. Barry will be accompanied during his performances by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra in Brisbane, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in Sydney and Melbourne, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in Adelaide and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra in Perth. I am hopeful that this information, will give you a clear idea about Barry’s Australian tour, and you will be able to mark your presence in his live performances.

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