Up to what age can girls be in boys changing room?

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Up to what age can girls be in boys changing room?

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    Hi I am 14 years old now. At our pool we had male and female locker room. There was also a girl locker room and a boy locker room. If a mom come to the pool with her son or son and daughter they can use the girls locke room. This mean the mom who only have a son can also used the girls locker room. The rule also apply to father who bring their daughter or son and daughter can use the boys locker room. For example if a father does not have his wife with him that he can take her daughter into the boy locker room.

    Be a young girls and start at this pool when I was 5 years old has been a very good experience with me in learn and understanding what I need to know. I do not have brothers. So when I start at this pool at 5 years old was an eye open to me. The first time I real saw boys who came in with their mom and sisters. As I got older around 8 when I start to understand what I was seeing and wht it was for. I was very curious, puzzle and fill with wonders. I saw boys of all differs size, shape. I have always wonder what the moms were thinking as they saw other moms sons naked. My mom told me we women and girls look, scare. We has female can not help it. I had my uncle who has two sons have took me swimmng at the pool also. That is when I go into the boys locker room. That is when I see boys of all ages up into their teens years. Girls can be in boys locker room up to age 13. Boys can be in girls locker room up to age 13.

    The only time we have a children locker room when all the boys and girls are in the same locker room is when a guest team come to our pool. If it the girls team they use the girls locker room and we girls who uses the pool as members go to the boys locker room. If the pool has a boy team they use the boys locker room and the boys who are members of the pool use the girls locker room with the girls members of the pool.

    At our pool boys and girls are allow to wear speedos. Young kids are allow to wear just their underwear. The pool room which is very large with a lap pool for adults and teens. Than we have a large kid pool which adults, children and teens use. At our pool under the age of 13 that children who what to swim nude can do it. You are not allow to do this when we have swim meets. It only for members of the pool.

    My mom and me when one Saturday after noon with a group of girls and their mom. We were not aware of a group of about 45 cub scout (boys) who ages are 7 to 10 years old. When a child is allow to swim nude it is not forece on them. They do it on their own will with their parents being there. When we arrive at the pool and go to the girls changing room is when we find out their was a large group of p*****n boys swimming at the pool. The lady at the front desk told us to be nice, respectful. You are going to be bless with this group of boys. We all change in the locker room and we all enter the pool area. Thre was 3 moms and 10 girls who age range was 5 to 14. years old. We was shock in what we saw. Naked boys swimming with out clothes on. We girls as the moms got excited and we felt something inside of us. My mom told us girls it normal. The were in the kids pool. The moms told us to go and get in the water. We girls had fun swimming around them and looking. Swimming under the water and seeing things happen to them. The moms told us few minute later you can also be naked too. So we girls strip of our clothes and swim naked with the boys. I know about 15 of the boys becuase they go to the same school.



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    Some pool rule for girls and boys to be in other gender locker room to be 5 years old. Now some other locker room cut off age is 10 years old. Now some locker room rules which applies to group of girls and boys who be share a locker room as a group cut off age is 13 years old. Some pool has children locker room which the cut off age is 13 years old. The children locker room can only be use the child and it mom or dad only. This mean if a mom bring her two sons and her daughter to the pool. Becasue of the boys not having their dad there means she can you the children locker room. This means she can not bring in any other adult with her.

    Family locker room are only for family. So the above person and her kids using a single locker room. This means no other adults in there with the children. For example a mom and her sons come to the pool and they yse the family locker room and they have other parents children with them. The parents of the children must approve them to be in same family locker room. All children must be involve in if they what to change together.

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