Up to what age can boys be in girls changing room?

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At many recreation center have differ age limited for boys or girls to be in other gender changing room. This post is about boys being in girls or women changing room at pool and other places. The same rules apply to boys and girls. There is no gender basis rules. So boys up to what age did your mom or sister or other female take you into the girls or women changing room? What was it like? For girls what was it like to have boys in same changing room?

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     At our pool which has a adult female and adult male changing room. You must be 13 and up to use the adult changing room. There are two children changing room for children. One for girls, one for boys. Mother or father who bring in their other s*x child much you the boy or girl changing room. So if a mom britng in son, they use the girls changing room. If a father bring in daughter, they use the boys changing. room. Moms can bring in boy up to 13 year old. The same goes with the girl in the boys changing room. Overall it been a very positive experience for me as a child in a safe envirnoment in learn and understand about other. I saw boys of all differ ages. I was very puzzle and curious in what I saw. Open the door for many question and answers I need. Ther were times when I was sitting on a bend and a boy could be changiing directly in front of me which allow me to have a very closes view of his genitals. There was one experience I saw the was so wonderful. A boy came back in with his mon. We was around 10 years. old. We was very soft and after he pull his swim clothes off that I saw his p***s enlarge and saw what my mom told me later was his foresking hang of the tip being pull back behind which she told me is the head of his p***s. There was not sexually things going on. You were not allow to ask another kids a question or make any remarks. I did noticer how much of the adult women were looking also. 

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