Value of Unused Elvis ticket?

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My mother passed away in May, and in going through her things I came across an intact ticket for the Elvis concert, can I sell this ticket, what is the market of this ticket?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There is no such written rules and regulation policy regarding the tickets, especially the unused tickets. However this will be a matter of your luck . Now the ticket you have is of no use but there are some items which remain precious although they are of no use, just because of the association of the ticket with a particular name or a personality or any important object. There are people and person who like to keep a record of any item or event or they like to keep the things and object used by notable personalities, like in cricket people have a desire to keep the bat of a person.
    Similarly your ticket is associated with the famous American singer Elvis Presley who was born in January 8th 1935 and died in 16th August 1977. He was also known as King of Rock and Roll or simply “The King”. He was also named as the best pop, ballads, gospel and blues singer. He was also nominated for 14 competitive awards and also won the Grammy Lifetime Achievement award at the age of 36. You can try to sell your ticket at various places and might get a good response from the fans of Elvis Presley. Although there is no written recipe of selling various tickets at a proper rate but considering it a useful item you might sell it to a Elvis Presley fan.

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