Unofficial news update regarding IPhone 5 release in September 2011

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Apple has announced the release of new iPhone 5 device with AT&T network. Apple has recently released the iPhone 4 device with Verizon technology same year, then whats wrong?

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  1. steve Ryan

    Great news... :)

  2. Xpert

     Great news for iPhone fans, Apple has decided to launch their new idevice in September 2011. With the release of iPhone 4G white Apple has announced the release date of their new iPhone 5. This news has caused a great confusion for the first time iPhone buyers. As the new iPhone specs and features have been emerged months before the release date, it has caused the buyers to wait again to purchase iPhone 5 in September.

    It was expected this model will appear with 4G capabilities but 4G is not expected in this year. The specs of iPhone 5 is said to be using the A5 processor based on multi core A9 chip that would support CDMA, GSM, and UMTS support. It looks like apple is launching this device what got ability to deal with both AT&T and Verizon technology.

    Everyone would like to know the interesting features in differentiating iPhone 5 and iPhone 4. Well the basic difference between these two devices is: iPhone 5 is completely redesigned it’s a thinner and slimmer as compared to other models as shown in image below. It is expected the iPhone 5 will lose the home button. More over it is expected that iPhone 5 would be release with AT&T network. It’s obviously bad news for Verizon and its users.

    I think Apple should wait awhile after the release of the iPhone 4, by doing this Apple would anger their Verizon consumers by releasing the new device with AT&T technology. Reviewing the history, iPhone has released new generation devices after the gap of 2 years. But what has happened now,, instead of releasing the 4G device they are releasing the new generation device on the same year. It would be a crazy for Apple to maintain the two product lines for the iPhone based on carrier.

    In conclusion I would say “If you are planning to wait because a better product will be available after 6 or 8 months, then sorry guys you will be waiting forever”.

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