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If you're looking for a professional Job in EURO & USA OR CANADA? You are in the right Agency that gives you your perfect career dream Job.
The name of our Agency is Antonio Silver Employment Agency Located in the America; Owned Eng. is Antonio Silver originally from Portugal but based in the United States Of America, we are professional in manufacturing perfect Job career for our candidates who seek oversea employment, with good salary-earn raging from 16.000USD to 75.000USD (Monthly) pending on your level of professional and grade.
Antonio Silver Employment is a time saving and powerful employment agency that gives you a chance to find life charging career Job on line, we provide you with all essential assistance, Such as Visa process and Accommodation pending if candidate CV is approved by our Agency within 3 working days, after which, we will help you find a job in EURO & USA OR CANADA that suit your career needs.
The condition of Antonio Silver Employment Agency is that you are to pay our agency 10.5% of your salary-earn for a period of 1year, rapidly as you start your dream Job upon your location company employment arrival which would be in form of agreement.
Contact for more information details:
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