Unique Superiority of Artificial Sand Making Line

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Unique Superiority of Artificial Sand Making Line

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     Sand making production line consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher , the third generation sand making machine, sand washing machine, combination shaker and tape transfer machines and other equipment . According to the different technical requirements , the various types of equipment combinations, can produce a different particle size of sand and gravel .

    1, environmentally friendly Wet production lines in the process of production requires a lot of water to wash the sand, from a certain perspective for water resources is a waste, and in the production process of stone wash is a waste of mineral resources.While artificial sand production line of dry sand production line do not need to wash with water, and in the process of production of powder can reasonable use, thus to some extent, save water resources and mineral resources, specific humidity method more environmentally friendly production line.

    2, get rid of the environment restriction Traditional wet sand making production line must be conducted in the place where is rich in water resources system, and in the winter in the north are generally unable to production, or to produce sand did not have enough water to clean, move it mud powder and powder content is too much, will seriously affect the distribution of the sand.Artificial sand production line of dry sand production line is not restricted by water resources and environment, where lack of water can also be artificial sand system.


    3, artificial sand distribution better The inside of the artificial sand mud powder can pass to get rid of classifier, in order to achieve the standard of building sand, artificial sand and classifier can control the stone powder content, make it within the scope of the provisions of the state, so as to improve the compressive strength of concrete and the workability of concrete.,

    4, reduce the production cost The traditional wet method in the production of sand production line need to have a lot of water to wash the sand at the same time, to a certain extent for the users to increase the mass of water, and dry process production line do not need to invest heavily in water, to a certain extent, reduce the capital investment.

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