Uninstall k9 web protection without code

by Guest88943  |  11 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Uninstall k9 web protection without code. i knew i never should have bought a computer from a pawnshop but i did and now i cant uninstall k9 web protection without code

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  1. toshi555
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  2. Guest17915327
    because its annoying to me and there is nothing else i can do. and taking this to far
  3. Guest14888845
    password lubuk pakam
  4. Guest12062147
    hello can you help me get rid of k9 web protection from my computer without a pass word?
  5. Zak
    countless different ways- did you try with the basic control panel way, if not redgit & kill it. if not download spybot && destroy it.
  6. Guest11262289
    Download Ubuntu linux from burn a disk and delete a K9 file. You can do this by going into the WINDOWS folder. You can also use firefox in Ubuntu what has no web contrals. If you like Ubuntu click install and anser all the questions.

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