Umar Akmal the star of pakistan batting cover story

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Umar Akmal the star of pakistan batting cover story. Umar's rise to fame was not instant, he was not picked up by someone watching him playing street cricket, he is no slumdog millionaire who lived in poverty and broke in to the fame circle by a miracle.

Umar Akmal lives, sleeps, eats cricket and comes from a cricket loving family who’s older brother already plays for pakistan. Umar done some impressive work at domestic and under 19 level before he was called up for the national duty. Saeed anwar is long gone, inzi is no longer around javid’s famous six to beat india will always be remembered but javid is also gone; Just when the nation was looking for the great brown hope, someone the fans can throw all their expectations on, someone who can do the impossible, comes umar and he has lived up to the hype, he has delivered time and time again and he has done so with style. When others around him were falling like dead flies; umar akmal made it look good and easy. Not many young players would come onto the world stage and hit top blowers over their heads; akmal has done it and there is no sign of him slowing down.

At tender age of 19, umar akmal has amazing statistics; in one day internationals he has played in seven matches, scored 235 runs with one century and one fifty, has an average of 58.75 with a strike rate of 100.42. He has hit 19 4’s and 6 six’s. In 20/20 international he has only played one match scored 30 runs at a strike rate of 150.

Every team already has a plan for umar akmal, they are all looking for his weaknesses but he continues to do what he does best “deliver”. In the all important semi final against new Zealand; umar is going to play an instrumental role and when the dust settles; he is going to show the world; you can try your best to sublime Pakistani cricket but the little masters will always give the world a nail biting contest; time and time again. Umar akmal is the next javid and the entire nation is waiting for him to hit that six which javid will be remembered for rest of his life.

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  1. ZZ

     Totally agree with what you just said no doubt in it. But here scenario is changed altogether because during those days when Javed was playing cricket there were loyal players in the team and team was like a team but now things are mangled up because to the political influence in cricket. The chairman has got all the rights to do any thing and there is no one to stop him. 

    And about Umer he is going to be the one who will one day lead Pakistani team in international cricket. He has got talent and he has got style as well. His average is fine and he bat fine as well. He is the only player who can play according to the match situation not like Misbah who dam care about the match situation just only think about his own batting and nothing else. 

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