US history Haymarket Riot.

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I decided to drop the history book and ask you the question since you were so VERY helpful with my last one. What was the immediate cause and the underlying causes of the Hay-market riot? What were the driving forces behind?

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    In May 1886 many people killed in the Haymarket Riot in Chicago, and resulted in a serious controversial trial followed by executions of four innocent men. The American labor organization was dealt a severe setback, and the chaotic circumstances resonated for several years. American workers had starting establishing into unions following the Civil War, and in 1880s many thousands were formed into unions, most famous the Knights of Labor. In the spring season of 1886 workers struck at the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company in Chicago, the factory that manufactured farm equipment including the renowned McCormick Reaper. The demand of the workers that were on strike asked for an eight-hour workday, at a time when 60-hour work weeks were in practice. The company fired out the workers and hired strikebreakers, which is a usual practice of that time. On first May, 1886, a large May Day walk was held in Chicago, and after two days, a protest outside the McCormick plant resulted in a person being killed. In order to protest what was happen as brutality by the police, a meeting was called on fourth May and the place for meeting was to be Haymarket Square in Chicago, which is an open area ant it utilized for public markets. On May 4th many famous anarchist speakers addressed to a huge crowd of approximately 1,500 people. The meeting was peaceful, but the attitude of people became confrontational when the police tried to disperse the crowd.

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