US President Barrack Obama has launched 2012 election campaign.

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How the US President Barrack Obama has launched his campaign for the 2012 presidential elections?

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    tv ad or not i`m not voting for obama he `s to much of a failure the economy is still broken in to peaces he lies to the american people every day day after day and at the sametime things get 80 times worser and he gos in to privetsy and laugh behind our backs and we do nothing but suffer. that guy makes me sick. the budget defist is getting woser and will probibly crash at some point the USA is incredibly broke as far as money concern. obama has had his chance and he failed big falter for him. so on the 2012 election which is 1 year and 5 months from now i`m voting for replublican choice mitt ronney for president. I don`t like obama i think he`s a incredable scumbag & a simple dirtbag. i saw a poll mitt ronney is at 49% obama is at 46% i like that type of outcome.

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    The United States president Barack Obama has opened his 2012 re-election campaign with a website announcement and emails and text messages sent to his supporters. Many of the Political observers expect the Obama campaign to raise remarkably around $1 billion. In the 2008 elections Mr Obama raised a record $750 million to win the elections.

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