US Career Institute is it a scam

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US Career Institute is it a scam, is US Career Institute legal, US Career Institute is it a legit; these are only some of the questions people are asking online and for some reason the US career institute is stuck sleeping, don't know why they don't participate in answering these questions. i guess someone has to do it so here it is. I have an Associates in Liberal Arts from my community college and a Bachelor's in Psychology from a SUNY college. But I'm looking to become an Administrative Assistant. There are only a few online programs for this, so I can only speak of the main 4 I've come across for my field.

After doing lots of research. It seems college choice is being influenced mainly by peer reviews, accreditation, ability to transfer course to college credits, if it will get them a job or promoted, etc. Some of the following comments are "for the most part". Yes, I'm sure there are a rare few of you that may get your panties in a bunch. You are the exceptions.

As for reviews from our peers, it looks like Penn Foster sucks, bottom line. They are pushy and clueless, and yes I know this from actual recent experience. And, they have the most complaints according to BBB and our peers out there. And you know that gut feeling you get good or bad, go with it!!!

There are lots not so good reviews for Stratford, and at least for my field, they weren't going to cover as much material as others anyway. I couldn't even find reviews for Allied schools, good or bad (not sure what that means), however, they are more than double the price, and again, don't cover the amount of material. But I did get a good feeling talking to them, so if they offer your field, cover the material you want, and you feel that it's worth the money, I say go for it.

I'm personally leaning towards US Career Institute, as they are the cheapest money for the most material covered, the best reviews online and through BBB. They also seem to be the only one that I can see is no doubt accredited, and by DETC (it even states it in BBB). All others, seems no one truly knows. As for transferring credits to a college (or if it's going to give you licensing for your given field), ASK the online and the “real” college (and the people in the field) BEFORE you sign up. It's as simple as that, I would think anyway. And whether or not "graduating" is going to get you a job or a promotion.

I'm thinking the obvious, even for me, is that a "real" college looks better on a resume no matter what, but you don't HAVE to list it. You will no doubt highlight some of the best skills you learned through them anyway. No one has really addressed that perspective yet. Maybe I don't want to pay for or don't even need a whole college degree because I already have some of the skills under my belt or only need the skills offered in that course. The skills are important for me to be able to say I have and the company I am interviewing with can benefit from, not necessarily where I got them. For all they know or care, I picked them up on the job along the way. Just thought I’d share. Thanks for “listening”.

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  1. Mitchel

    The U.S. Career Institute (USCI) is a distance learning institution that gives training to the people for careers that can either be carried out of their home, or in a traditional office setting. USCI is situated at Fort Collins, Colorado, but fro the convenience of their students, it does all of their program training online.
    the biggest drawback of this institution is that, it does not have regional accreditation; credits may not transfer to traditional university. Otherwise its a proper institution of distance learning and there is no scam issue related to it.


  2. Guest17106144
    The USCI outline for Bookkeeping is definitely the most thorough and realistic plan I've seen so far. (I've been an entry-level bookkeeper for 6 months and studying on my own and took a few classes.) So many courses just go over the same basics of debits and credits and the balance sheet. The USCI outline is full of real world tasks and what-to-do-if's - and the Business Math review - that's perfect, because your math has to be sharp and I didn't see that anywhere else. I'm going to do some more research, but I'm 90% decided to go with USCI. You can tell reading the outline that they've developed it over time to be what you need to do the job. The person above posted that you shouldn't list a training program on your resume because it doesn't look as good as a college degree. I disagree 100%. All education looks good on your resume. Many careers today don't call for a college degree to get in the door. By completing a training program, you're showing that you're invested in this as your career and that you're disciplined enough to finish it. Choose the program that's best for you and be proud of it - tell your prospective employer all you've learned!

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